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Car Solid Screen wash Tablets

Car Solid Screen wash Tablets

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Introducing our revolutionary Window Cleaning Effervescent Tablets! Designed specifically for car window cleaning, these concentrated tablets offer unmatched performance and convenience.

Crafted with precision, our tablets are made from high-quality concentrate material, ensuring effective cleaning with every use. Simply dissolve one tablet in 2 liters of water (tap water recommended) and experience superior cleaning power like never before.

Say goodbye to stubborn stains and murky glass surfaces! Our concentrated block cleanser not only removes dirt and grime but also lubricates the glass, reducing friction between the wiper blade and glass surface. This not only extends the life of your wiper blade but also ensures optimal visibility on the road.

Compact and portable, our tablets are perfect for on-the-go cleaning. Keep them in your car for quick and convenient access whenever you need to freshen up your windows.

Upgrade your car cleaning routine with our Window Cleaning Effervescent Tablets and enjoy crystal-clear visibility on every drive!

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